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Unaccomplished summer

This summer has gone by way too fast. With only a few weeks left Berto and I realized that we have not done ANYTHING! I had so many plans and things to do but I havent done any of them. So, barto and I created a list of things we still need to do. Its not yet complete but here it s:

hike to park city
go to lagoon many times
go school shopping
find women for us
small road trip
go to nerdy anime convention
walk around pc
steal something(?)
Hang out with kelseypoo
Watch the Office

there are so many more things we need to do! If you have any suggestions or ideas , add to the list.


In a harry mood

During the past few weeks I have been reading Harry potter almost nonstop. So, consequently, all I can think about lately is Harry Potter and other such wizarding things. So I decided to write a Harry Potter Quiz/Questioniare. haha I havent even finished the 6th or 7th books , but I will shortly... lets see if this turns out how I meant it to.

1. Favorite HP Book? Order of the Phoenix (so far...)
2. Favorite Wizard in the series? The weasley twins
3. Favorite non-wizard in the series? Fawkes the Phoenix
4. If you could be any character from the books, who would you be? Fred or George weasley
5. Character you hated the most? Umbridge
6. Funnest spell to use on someone? The spell that makes your legs move uncontrollably in a dance like motion

well... I'm kind of too lazy to think of more. I just wanted to share. Comment your answers por favor



Class schedule of 08

Dear everyone,

SIS is up and I checked my schedule. It looks pretty intense... If you have any classes with me tell me.

1. Gen Financial Literacy- Clyde
2. Physics- Turner
3. Wind Orchestra- Siggard
4. PE- North
5. Japanese 4- Carlile
6. Biotechnology- Gritton
7. 3D graphics and annimation- Zabel
8. Math 1010 (ya Im stupid...)- Warnick


Summer things to do...

I know I haven't blogged for a bit, but nothing really blog worthy has happened. So I have to decided to write about the lack of happenings in my life that are making this summer quite dull and also the events that are coming up within the next little while that could possibly save me from boredom.
Here are some reasons why my summer has been lacking in fun:
*first of all, being dumped= instant self-confidence decreaser
*Everyone can drive. what happened to the good ol' days where we walked around town and talked and had fun during the summer nights? now that everyone can drive, that pretty much ruins everything...
*Joy is in Texas
*Jeb works a lot and travels to Chicago
*Britta keeps going on little camping adventures slash trips
*Hannah keeps leaving us for some nice big eastern cities, which im jealous of..
*Erin is too busy with her 12 boyfriends... and she travels
*Morgan is traveling and never calls me
*Ty Ty has a girlfriend
*Randi never calls me and she has a boyfriend
*Nobody ever calls me, except Besto and Brady when they are home...
*I havent been to a concert yet
*I work at the Wave
*Im stuck in a dead-end job
*I need more Derek
*Where did Kelsey go? I miss her...
*Lack of Parties
*I need to meet new girls... all the girls I like are my friends and will probably never like me back

Fun or exciting things I have done/will do
*Lake Powell wit my scout bros was pretty chill
*Smashing Pumpkins, Muse, and Mae in September!! holy crap I cant even wait
*Guys nights
*Midnight movies
*Harry and the Potters AND the new harry potter book
*Meeting new girls... I WILL for sure meet new girls. Its my goal.
*Im going to hang out with my cousin at some point...
*thats about it. hanging out with my friends has probably been the funnest thing so far... I love them dearly

Well... I need some sleep. I have been thinking WAY too much. Good night

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So i found out about a little thing called mobile blogging :) i'm pretty sure i'm going to use it a lot now. If anyone wants to send me random pics on my phone i'd be happy to post them on my blog. once i get enough i'll have a collection posted


Man... The vans club rocks. I like this pic