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I stole this from another blog that I found very interesting. I just kind of a random informational video. Enjoy.


No way!

What?! two posts in five minutes? I forgot some stuff, but feel it deserves a separate post. 
Even if you aren't in to weird music like I am, give some of these artists a listen. You will enjoy them, I promise. These are all artists I have discovered in the past few months(or started listening to). If you like what you hear, Tell me! comment! Ask for A burned CD!

- Portugal the Man
- Tilly and The Wall
- Margot & the Nuclear So So's
- Architecture in Helsinki
- The Cinematics
- The Stills
- Ra Ra Riot
- The Unicorns
- Islands
- The Elected
- We are Scientists
- Wolf Parade
- Pistolita
- Andrew Bird
- The Depreciation Guild
- Mew
- The Dimes
- Minus the Bear
- Rilo Kiley
- Neutral Milk Hotel
- 1900s 
- The Rapture

Pistolita, Tilly & the wall, Andrew Bird, and Mew are musts. Go check 'em out. 

M C Fa Shizzle

Where to Start

Where to start

I always have so much on my mind, yet I can't seem to ever know what to write about. 

Here is my list of recent thoughts. Feel free to discuss any of them in comment form. Actually, after reading this, I insist you comment!

- High school was a joke
- The Future is frightening
- I have never thought about marriage so much in my life. It's all around me
- I never thought I could be friends with people who are years older than me
- I'm immature because I choose to be, not because it's how I am ( if that makes sense)
- I love friends
- Being alone is over-rated
- I love finding people wo share the same weird and obscure interests as I do. Favorite thing in the world
- Finals are going to suck
- I dislike incompetent people more than anything
- I'm a wuss
- I have not been on a date yet. Anybody want to help?
- I love, more than anything, being around people who I can conversate with. Love it
- The sky is beautiful
- I cuddled with bigfoot the other night. for real
- I need money
- I have more pictures. I should post them here
- Right now!!

Hanging with Bigfoot

s'mores with Kevin

Kim took this creepy stalker picture of Me and Kami

Mid-air High Five!!

Comment please. Thank you!

Michael William


Cheese and Crackers!

I've been wanting to blog for awhile, but haven't been able to gather all of my thoughts. Tonight I present you with some of my thoughts/experiences/feelings from life in Cedar City. Get ready.. (keep in mind: It's after three in the morning, I'm pretty tired)

First off.
I know I haven't really talked to anybody for awhile and I'm sorry. These past few months have been very crucial in my life. This is it. I'm grown up now. I have had to start thinking about where I want to go in life and I've had to do it all by myself. 

Discovering what I want to be has definitely been my favorite experience thus far. In high school there are groups, clicks, social norms, and so on. College is definitely not what I expected in terms of those things. Nobody gets picked on or made fun. Everybody is friends with everybody. Everyone has (pretty much) grown up and stands above all of that stupid labeling and social norm stuff. I am probably one of the weirdest kids on campus, but honestly, I could care less. Nobody cares how I dress or what I like. Nobody is going to make fun of me for wearing nerdy clothing or playing a mini keyboard with my friend in the school living room. We are all different and we all know it. Yay college

(Remember: It's super early in the morning. Maybe I write better when I can't think? hmmm)

My views on life have become more apparent to me and I am definitely gaining stronger opinions about things. Politics, for example, is something I never cared about. In high school I could have cared less about which laws pass and what we do about the war. But I  have recently gained some pretty solid understanding of politics and FINALLY have some political views. Just so you all know, I'm neither Democrat nor Republican. That's that. for now

At the beginning, the hardest part for me was talking to people. I have never been good with words or expressing feelings. I have also never really been a people person. People scare me and always have. I have had to step our of my comfort thousands of times since ive been here and it was been so wonderful. The littlest, but most amazing thing in the world is meeting a new person. I love just saying hi to someone or starting some small talk to get to know them. Sometimes you get along with them, other times you don't. But it's always a good experience either way. 
-Little experience: Today I went to Austins (my room mate) friends apartment. I wasn't too excited. But, once we arrived, there were tons of people there and I socialized with every single one. I loved it so much. I love the beginning of any kind of relationship; be it friendship, romance, or making a secret little enemy. I highly recommend going and saying hi to some random person you've always wanted to talk to, or even somebody you have never wanted to talk to. DO IT!! then tell me how it goes. 

Okay so enough with the kind of serious stuff... here are some odd little things I think you all want to know about me(with pictures!!):

- I always say "What the butt?" and always use the word "Poo". Don't ask why
- The kid who was dating my sister a few weeks ago is actually turning into one of my best friends.
- I love weird music. Indietronic, indie-folk, and progressive rock = the shiz
- I crashed my Roommates car. oops
- All of my roommates and I have only been in the same room all at once about three times.
there are four of us.
- I love free french fries from the T-bird grill.
- I love Sweaters and glasses. Girls who wear sweaters and glasses are also something i enjoy.
-I'm really immature in a mature way
-  People who refuse to date non-return-missionaries piss me off.
- my roommate is the most conservative person on the planet. He also has the same beliefs as his grandma, step-dad, and mom No matter what those beliefs might be.
- I love The Grind. It's a cute little coffee shop that hosts shows and whatnot. 
-Its late. holy cow. more rambling

Jordans pumpkin partied too hard...

Me and my friend Amanda with the city in the background

My room from the guitars' pov ( i guess..?)

Where's Waldo?

I basically only have these pictures for now. sorry

I'm sorry this is kind of just turning into a giant ramble. I hope you didn't lose interest halfway through. The pictures should have helped a little bit! I will post more soon. I promise. As for now, I need some sleep. The weekends are the only time I can ever sleep for more than five hours. I would love for people to hang out with me over thanksgiving break or even come down here sometime. 

love Michael William

Song of the Blog:

Invasion- Eisley

The colorless words are burning our heels
As the bright lights of the city fade
Taking the chase to curb our fear
As the bloodless moon casts its face

Ooh, something's not right
I can feel it inside
Something's not right

You would take the breath from my throat
And you would take the cherished people that I hold

All in time you will be one of us painless, us blameless
Go to sleep, this wont hurt a bit
Shifting your shape to our shells

Ooh, something's not right
I can feel it inside
Something's not right

You would take the breath from my throat
And you would take the cherished people that I hold

And they will try to make us forget ourselves
One by one, one by one
Call me crazy but they are after us
One by one, one by one
You don't have to know the truth
If you believe it
I believe it, too

Ooh, something's not right
I can feel it inside
Something's not right

You would take the breath from my throat
And you would take the cherished people that I hold



So During the month of November I will not be shaving, as It is no-shave November. Hopefully By the end of the month I will have grown a nice manly beard. I hadn't shaved for a few weeks until today. Here is what came from not shaving. I think that by the end of the month it will be a little longer than this:


The Artist

Today I was doing an art project and I realized that I really like doing art. Even more than I like working with computers! Well... possibly. I'm not super amazing at painting and drawing, but I can design quite well. I wish I could be a graphic design major instead of a computer science major... but I think I would lose my scholorship. I'll have to show everyone some of my "work". Some of it is good. Madeline even said she would buy one of them (she might have been saying that to make me feel good, but still).
I miss you all and hope you can visit soon. I think Im going to the Fleet Foxes concert in a couple of weeks, but I cant really stop and visit unless you are giving me some place to sleep. I love you all. Thanks for everything.



The bringer of despair

I know everyone thinks I'm a huge jerk

And a bringer of much despair

Everyone has their own views 

And I'm going to stick to what I feel is best

My intentions aren't to hurt, but to make better

It may not seem like I'm in love

but that couldn't be further from the truth

"If you love something, set it free"

That never made sense to me until now

Sometimes I wish I could just skip a few years of my life

To see how things will turn out without having to deal 

Why can't people look past the hurt and see the positive?

That's all I wanted...

I'm sticking with my decisions

Try to see my side

Everyone has done what I've done before...

I hope that explained some of my thoughts...
I miss all of you. Please come visit?



College life so far

I haven't blogged since I left for Cedar City so I decided I should probably update everyone about my life. This past week I've been constantly meeting new people. Ha ha I've figured out that it takes me, on average, two meetings with a person to remember their name. I actually have made a few friends. First there is my roommate, Austin. He's a band nerd and A very devoted Mormon. He's such a funny and great guy. Second, my sister has introduced me to a few of her roommates/friends(they are mostly girls). I've also made friends with the neighbor girls. We actually had them over for dinner on sunday night. They are definitely silly girls, but pretty cool. The hardest friends to make have been in my classes. I met a cool nerdy girl in my computer programming class and another girl at orientation(she's the only one who talks and hangs out with me). And, of course, I've become closer with old friends: Forrest Hill, Michael Clegg, Maddie, and of course my sister Kim. My sister takes me shopping and goes to activities with me which is really cool. I basically wouldn't still be at college if it weren't for her. Wow. What a week... I've had to step out of my comfort zone so many times in order to meet new people. I'm still the shyest kid on the planet, but this experience has helped me out a whole lot.
Class wise, I'm doing great. I love my classes. And I even did my Math homework. It's a miracle. This year shouldn't be too hard. The class I'm most excited for is my computer programming class. I've always wanted to learn how to code and stuff as most of you know, so this should help accomplish my dreams. Soon I'll be able to get a job on the geek squad or become some computer help line guy. It should be fun.
If anybody wants to send me food or money, I'd gladly accept it. I'm basically poor right now. I'll blog about everything else later. You could also just call me... you know when I'm available.



Places to see part III


This is the University I am going to. I'm sure most of you have been there and have explored it a little, but here are some pictures anyways.


Its a pretty big library with multiple computer labs.

Archeology class

haha I just had to put this in here... I think I see Jeff Peterson.

The Centrum

The Centrum features these cool statues of Philosophers and artists. Its main purpose is for basketball games, but It hosts other events too.

PE Building

Probably one of my favorite places. It has a huge pool, Weight room, racketball courts, a track, plus so much more. Plus it looks amazing.

So basically, once you make it past the rocks and cacti, you'll find a pretty marvelous town and campus. The Buildings and scenery are amazing. If anybody comes down or wants to come down please let me know.



White Wedding

This last Friday I had the opportunity to help out at a wedding for somebody I didn't even know. It was Natalies moms best-friends daughter. Natalie, her mom, and I offered to help set up before the wedding. One of the first things we were in charge of was setting up all of the drinks and keeping them cold. First of all, I had never seen so much alcohol in one spot in my life(besides the store). Second of all, I had no idea getting totally drunk at a wedding was "the thing to do". I later figured out why everyone did it. When you are at a dance or party and there is loud music pumping, you don't want to let any part of your white show so you don't dance. But if everyone has a beer or two, then everyone suddenly stops caring about how white they are and they become "good" at dancing. So this is why there was so much alcohol there, so that later that night everyone could dance without a care. I was fortunate enough to see only about forty five minutes of dancing. It was a very entertaining forty five minutes though... haha. I think the bride was definitely one of the most drunk ones there. Follwed closely behind by her brides maids. Good times... Lesson of this story: Take dance lessons so you don't have to rely on booze to help you dance. Harness the whiteness

I really need to start blogging about my life and where it is going, but lately I haven't really wanted to talk about it all. I'm kind of just waiting for it to come first. Once it does, I'll tell you all about it.



Mr. Bloggerface

This is for Morgan. She said I was Mr. Bloggerface when, in fact, THIS is Mr. Bloggerface.

Mr. Bloggerface in his natural habitat: A field of orange paint

That's all.



Places to see part II

Santorini, Greece

Wow... I've always wanted to see the Mediterranean sea and Greece. I love the white buildings. They look so clean and magnificent. And the blue roofs definitely add to awesomeness of this place. I wonder what's inside? Are they houses? Or are they some kind of religious buildings? I'm sure they have some kind of significance if they are featured in this picture. Personally, I think It probably house some beautiful Greek Goddesses. What do you think? Does anyone know anything about this place?




Imagine if you had no friends, no family, no job, no home, no cell phone, no tv, no shower, no car, no anything. What if the only thing you had was yourself and the pity of a few generous people? That is basically the life of a hobo. I remember as a kid visiting Seattle with my grandparents I made my very first contact with such a person.
Seattle is a huge city by the Pacific Ocean. It was such a cool new thing for me as a kid. I remember driving past strange people and buildings. Tons of things I had never seen before. I was safe from all this new stuff as long as I stayed in the car, but once we found a spot to park I had to face the strange new world. One of the things i first noticed while walking the streets was a huge "campsite" off the side of the road under the freeway. I thought this was such a strange thing. I'd been to campsites before, but I would have never expected to see one in a huge city like this. My parents had to explain to me that homeless people lived in the tents and it wasn't for camping. Homeless people? This was the closest I'd ever been to a homeless person. I was always scared at the thought of them, but apparently this city was full of them. As we made our way further down the street I saw the familiar sight of the "golden arches" and wanted some Mcdonalds food. We walked towards the building, but as we got closer I could tell we weren't going to go in. We followed my grandparents to a bench right next to the Mcdonalds building where a weird man was sitting with his dog. I knew after one look that this man was a hobo and I was scared. He was your typical bum; ragged coat, a tin can for change, and a huge beard. I thought my grandparents were crazy when they started talking to him.
Apparently they had talked to this man before and had just started a conversation with him. I had no idea why they were talking to this scary and different man. After a few minutes of chatting we went into the Mcdonalds. FINALLY I would get my happy meal, but my parents refused to buy anything for our family and we had to wait for my grandparents to order their food. They got their one fish fillet and we went back to the homeless man on the bench. They gave him the sandwich which he then split and gave half to his dog. He said thank you to my grandparents and we walked off. Almost immediately I started asking my parents why that just happened. They told me everything. Every week my grandparents would talk to this man (to be friendly), then they would go buy a fish fillet for he and his dog (they didn't give him money to do it himself because he would have probably spent his $1.49 on something else.). I thought they were total suckers at the time for spending time and money on this helpless man, but now I realize that they did what they did out of love. This was way cool. I dont know if they still help this guy out or where he is now, but taught me a good lesson (I guess...). I was afraid of people who were different, and seeing this homeless person who had nothing but a dog and a coat frightened me. We are lucky to not have to bum money from people on the streets. We all have jobs and families and homes. Most of us don't frighten children or depend on old charitable people for food either. Our lives are good.
This was my first experience with a homeless man. haha. This was such a random story and topic, but I needed something to blog about. Has anybody ever talked to a homeless person?

In other news: Im excited to have Natalie back :) It sounds like she had a marvelous time. Britta Marie is now 17! She rocks. Tish gets back soon. School starts on the 25th for me. I have so much to do before that!
That's all I have for now.



Places to see part 1

So About once a week I'm going to be writing about places that everyone should see at least once in their life. I haven't been to all of them, but my iGoogle (I kind of stole this idea from someone elses blog btw) gives me pictures of places to see. So here is the first one. With my commentary:

Wow. It looks pretty beautiful doesn't it? I love the green and the rainbows. It's good to see that there is still beauty on this earth. This reminds me of some lost world with dinosaurs and unicorns running around. I'm actually pretty sure there are mystical creatures there in Hawaii. Has anybody ever been there? If so, I would like to know.



Southern Utah University

So Yesterday I attended an all day Orientation down in Cedar City. It's purpose was to help all of the newby students see what college life was all about. It was pretty cool. I signed up for classes and already have my major picked out. Here are all of my first semester classes and the times they are at (my major is Information Technology):

1. Math 1050, Everyday 9:00-9:50
2. Fundamentals of Programming (nerd class!), Mon, Wed, Fri 10:00-10:50
3. UNIV 1000 (It's a class every freshman has to take) Wed, Fri 11:00-11:50
4. 2D Art Design, Mon, Wed, Fri 1:00-2:50
5. PC Hardware (yet another nerd class) Tues, Thurs 1:00-2:20

Exciting right? now that you know when I'll be in class, you'll know when to call/contact me. everyone better do it...



change in progress

So my blogs theme is really ugly. That's because I'm teaching myself how to make my own templates and stuff. I really suck at coding, but i'm making myself learn. hopefully once I get it down I'll be able to customize anybody elses theme if they would like.



another late night post

So I'm sure you would all agree that it is time for a new post from me on my personal blog. The whole family blog thing is working out greatly so far and it will definitely be one of the best ways for all of us to stay updated with each other.
So Natalie has been gone for about a week and I never thought I'd miss her as badly as I do. I thought it would be a nice break from each other, we would talk every day and tell stories and stuff. But no. I haven't talked to her for a couple of days now and, since She's pretty much been the only thing on my mind lately, the lack of Natalie is effecting me. I guess being deathly ill doesn't help much either. I've been trapped inside my house all day today and most of yesterday. I'm not going to lie, I feel pretty helpless. Right now I'm pretty much restricted to sitting at my laptop and read blogs/create posts all day. Fun, right? I'm sure I'll be alright sooner or later.
Anyways! Thoughts from Michael: I've decided that everyone needs to better themselves one way or another. Whether it be breaking a bad habit or just becoming a better person. Think of how much better life would be without the extra drama and struggles that people unnecessarily bring into existence. We should all stop being so ridiculous and full of spite. Just start being a little bit nicer of a person every day, even if you think you are already super nice. A little bit goes a long way. I know it may all sound corny, but we all know it's true.
Bleh... I cant think OR type anymore. It must be time for bed. But before I go, I leave you with a quote: If you don't learn from your mistakes, there's no sense making them. - Anonymous


Marvelous Things

Greetings friends! And anyone else who decides to read this.

Obviously I have not blogged for awhile and I sincerely apologize. The last few months have been very weird to me... I have finally figured out how my brain works. If there is an event that needs to be forever stored in my brain, it will not stay there unless the event has had an emotional impact on me or it's something that there is no way i could forget. SO basically I cannot remember things that have happened to me besides the things that have impacted me. I just can't remember and I can't help it. So I'm sorry if my blogs are lacking in the memories of what has recently happened. I will just share with you what is happening right now. If any of that makes sense.

Im kind of contradicting what i just talked about up there and writing some memories of 2007. Ones that i can remember. So Berto made a list of "The best of 2007" so I thought i would too. Only mine will be in "Top 3" form.

Top 3 Albums of 2007 (none of the lists are in any particular order)
1. Cities- Anberlin
2. Zeitgeist- Smashing Pumpkins
3. In rainbows- Radiohead

Top 3 concerts i attended
1. Jacks Mannequin w/ head automatica, the audition, get back loretta (first concert ever)
2. Relient K w/ Mae, sherwood
3. Smashing Pumpkins w/ the Bravery. amazing show

Top 5 favorite bands I discovered in 2007
1. Siberian
2. Get back Loretta
3. Sherwood
4. Harry and the Potters
5. Dear and the headlights
6. Band of Horses
7. Straylight run
8. Maylene and the sons of disaster
9. the format
10. Coldwar kids

The 3 Most epic movies I saw in 2007
1. I am Legend
2. Ninja Turtles
3. Juno
4. Transformers (almost top 3)

3 Best books I read/finished in 2007
1 Harry Potter and the half blood Prince
2 Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix
3 Shadow Puppets by Orson Scott Card

Top 10 most random, but amazing, things I discovered/rediscovered in 2007
1. drinking everything through a straw
2. Pokemon
3. Sweet sounding Indie Music
4. concerts
5. Things from my childhood (n64, transformers, skateboarding/longboarding, vans)
6. Halo 3
7. Harry and the Potters
8. Zune 2
9. Black and Tan
10. love

Bottom 5 anything of 2007
1. Ipods
2. Country music
3. how much people close to me changed
4. regrets
5. drama

Well thats about it for 2007. Very good year for everything. I would say one thing that happened to me that had a huge effect was dating Krystal. First of all She brought out the child in me (in a good way) and I definitely learned what it was like to be happy. that was a good start to the year and I have been much happier with myself and my life. Thanks to everyone else who made last year such a grand experience. We all went through a lot. This year wont be much different.

thanks for listening

<3 Michaelface

little fact: I am in love with the band eisley. you have no idea. I would marry every single one of the band members. even the guys. and i love my Natalie