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Oh great. Here I go ranting

So I'm not the kind of guy who lets things get to him. I'm usually pretty accepting or ready to deal with what comes at me. But, lately I've seen a new side of myself. A side that gets frustrated and sometimes angry. There are, in fact, a few things that bug even me.
Number 1: People doing stupid things/going against all the logic in their heads to impress other people.
-Why would you make an unwise decision on purpose and have a full knowledge that what you are about to do will have bad consequences? Sure there are temporary pleasures, but are they really worth it?
-Why would you ever go against what you believe is right to become "cool" in the eyes of "cool" people? Yes, I know not everyone has the same beliefs. And some people have no belifs at all. But if you have beliefs and/or goals, stick to them. Don't change them to fit in with the crowd. You want to be a real non-conformist? Be true to yourself, nobody else is doing it.
It seems that people tend to do this a lot. I know I'm probably guilty of it. But I've certainly vowed to better myself in this area. It's not worth it. If I'm going to impress someone, I want to genuinely do it. It feels so much more satisfying. I have so much more to say on this topic, but I will save it for another day.
Number 2: I greatly dislike Hypocrytes.
Number 3: I greatly dislike Stupid People. I know some people were born without a brain. But those that do have a brain and never use it should probably die... or use it. Either one works.

So none of this is necessarily geared towards anybody I know. So don't take it personal. It's just stuff that has been getting to me lately. Hopefully a happy and more heartfelt blog will come soon. FArewell. Bed Time



Things I like

So I'm starting a new blog of random things I like and my opinions on them. I don't really care if anybody reads it. It's just going to be there for the sake of being somewhere. Writing stuff down is therapy. But until I get started on that blog, here are a few of my favorite things.

- Folk rock. I don't know why, but lately I've been listening to very calm and settling music. Check out Fleet Foxes, Bon Iver, Andrew Bird, and Blind Pilot. They might just brighten up your day.
- Tweets. Haha this is probably the nerdiest thing ever, but I love getting tweets(updates on twitter) from bands. Yeah. It's just one of those little enjoyable surprises.
- Texts from Last Night. It's a website that has a bunch of drunk/funny texts that people send in that they got the night before. I highly reccomend you check it out.
- Texts for real(not another website). I love knowing that somebody is thinking about me enough to text me.(calls too)
- Ice Cream. Best invention ever.
- Gadgets. This is way nerdy... but I have to confess my love for electronics. I love anything from Mp3 players and cell phones to laptops and desktops. I can't explain why.... so don't ask.
- Staying up late. It's not that I can't sleep, I just feel like I put work into something if I'm staying up until the wee hours of the night doing it. Ya know? That is mostly when I blog, read, brainstorm, and just ponder.
- Making people happy. I don't make people happy so they think better of me. I do it because the thought that I just made someone happy makes ME happy. Plus sometimes people who deserve to be happy have no way of becoming happy. Only you can make them happy. (so much happy for three lines of text...)
-Tish Tish. Yep, it's true. I miss her so much. I'm so grateful for her sincerity and love. She's more of an example to me than she could ever know. She makes me so happy :)
- The Church. Most people don't know how much happiness it actually brings. But trust me, it's a lot.

Well. My battery is about to die.

Farewell and good night




This is way cool :)


The Earth is not a Cold Dead Place

Dear Blogger World

This is my first real blog of the summer. I seem to write most of my posts between June and August. So we will see if the pattern continues. This could be the first of many to come.
So it has taken me a very long time to,I guess, feel comfortable with this, but there are a lot of big things happening in my life. First off, I will be leaving everybody for 2 years starting in a few months (I would guess sometime in september). This is a big thing. It will be the ultimate test of my spiritual, emotional, and physical strength, but It's something I really want to do. I've been told that I need to serve a mission my whole life, but up until now I haven't had the chance to decide for myself. Nobody is forcing me to do it. I have decided on my own that I want to serve. It should be a great life-changing experience :D Second: It has taken me 19 years to realize that I'm growing up. Up until about February, I had never really thought about marriage. It's been a scary thought and I thought it was way too far in the future to start worrying about. But oddly enough it has crossed my mind a lot. But we'll have to wait and see how I feel about it after my mission. With Hannah married, Morgan engaged, and a lot of my college friends/neighbors married, I'm starting to wonder when my time will come. It's weird to think about how old I am. I graduated from High School over a year ago, I've finished a whole YEAR of college, and I'm Ninteen years old! Oh how time flies.
It has been so good to see everyone again. I think I have hung out with all of you at least once this summer and there are definitely more good times to come. Hiking, camping, boating, biking, long-boarding, this kind of stuff really needs to happen soon!
For me, it helps to know that people know what I'm saying/thinking/doing with my life. It's hard for me to feel content with just figuring out my own thoughts. I have to share them with somebody else. I hope you guys read this. It also makes me feel more comfortable writing more stuff. I guess we could just hang out and talk haha. But until then, here are my thoughts. Comments are wonderful :) I love you all!



Dear Berto

Berto just posted a blog about how he thinks everyone is too lazy to blog (basically). And he wrote a substantial post in 6 minutes. So I am going to take 6 minutes and show him that I cannot write a good blog in that short of time. Crap I got distracted and only have 3 minutes left!

Life update:
- Im home from school
-I have no jorb
-One of my best friends in the world moved to Alaska
-I saw mae a few weeks ago, that was pretty epic
-one minute left

I love you all and hope we can all blog more!


p.s. I promise a longer and more in-depth post soon.


Eating the elephant & Happy Bday Norgan

Some people choose to eat the elephant one bite at a time. That is how I have been for most of my life. But there is something wrong with just eating one bite at a time. There are no thoughts about the big picture or what's to come. If you live your life just focusing on the day you are on, then how are you supposed to be prepared for changes and other things that need to happen over time? I've gotten pretty good at this "one bite at a time" thing, but only recently have I realized that it isn't doing me any good. I need to make decisions that will help me in the future. I'm not very good at writing(or typing) down my thoughts so I'll just make this simple. Organize and prepare for what's to come. It will definitely do you more good than to plan for the day. This post is a little redundant, but It's for my own good. I need to grow up. I need to reorganize my life. I need to do better. And I know I'm not the only one out here who does. If I could go back in time and smack myself in the back of the head for my bad habits, I would. But, since that's not going to happen, I'll have to start now.

These have been my thoughts lately. I've kind of been mad at myself for trying to do better and failing. But, that's life. I've got to keep trying.

Next topic: I'm excited to go up to Heber this weekend and see you all!

Happy Birthday Norgan Brown! I can't believe I met you more than three years ago. You have been an awesome friend and you are the nicest and most sincere person I've ever met! Thank you!

Love Michael

If you ever feel like your life sucks, go to this website. A lot of people have it worse than you.


Life Update

I decided to come out of my little cave that is Cedar City and tell you all about what has been going on in my life lately. The best way to tell you is to show you! Here are some pictures from the past few weeks with captions

This was taken after my neighbor, Danielle, put dish soap in the dish washer. There was a huge mess of bubbles all over the kitchen. It was way better than Christmas. In this picture you can see that somebody just fed me some of the delicious bubbles.

This one and the next few to come were taken at the greatest triple-bday party/dance party ever. It took place in apartment 21 which I now basically call home. The girls there accept me as their roommate and I spend most of my time over there now. 

a few of my roommates are pictured here, along with my sister. 

haha there is Kevin trying to croud surf in a tiny apartment

Kevin in the dance circle! Sorry there aren't any of my dancing. I know you all want to see that.

More drinking pictures. Non-alcholic of course.

So those are the few pictures I have(yes they are from facebook), but let me tell you in words now how things have been going. First off, I beat Super mario brothers 1, 2, 3, and lost levels all in five days. Without Cheating and using warps! If you have played the games then you know what I'm talking about. That's sadly the biggest accomplishment for me lately. Actually, I lied, the biggest accomplishment for me has been coming out of my bubble and talking to people. I am a pretty timid and shy kid,  but lately I've been talking to people and becoming social. I never thought I could do it. Go me *pats self on back*. 
The past few weeks I've been in a constant dance mood. I've been listening to upbeat, rythmic dance tunes. The dance party in apartment 21 is definitely what kind of kicked off my dancy mood. It was such a blast. We crammed a bajillion people into one apartment living room and danced for four hours! Then the following night was an institute dance, which never fails to put me in a good mood. A few weeks after that there was another institute dance, probably the best one yet. This cute girl from California asked me to dance which was totally amazing. Then a few others came and danced with me also. Sadly, I didn't do too well with getting numbers. I got zero. But hopefully I will man up and get some numbers at the dance next week. 
Before I go to bed I need to write about my new "roommates". I've basically been living at apt 21 for the past two weeks. The reason why I hang out at a girls apartment instead of mine is because my roomate is more dramatic than any girl I know and sometimes I just need to get away from that. That's basically it. I don't know what more to say, but I you feel the desire to just chat or anything, give me a call or text me. It would be greately appreciated :) I miss you all



So this is the New Year

And I don't feel any different. 

Shoot... I wanted to write a huge blog about 08.. but alas, I can't think of anything! I promise a massive amazing blog by sunday.