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long time, no blog

"I guess in Japan I blend in more" - James Iha

I havent blogged for almost a month now and I figured now was a good time to do it. Whats with the random James Iha quote you ask? Well, the past little while has been all about the Pumpkins for me. And not seeing James at the concert made me a little depressed but it was still very very very very satisfying. It was probably the most amazing experience of my life! Berto and I got to the Mckay event Center at around 12:30 and were probably 12th in line. when it started we were front and center, right by Billys mic stand. They played some really amazing songs, and the acoustic version of 1979 was definitely one of my favorites. It was a long and magical night. I totally got squished up against the front rail for most of the concert but it was worth it.

Homecoming was also yesterday. It was so much fun. I went with Lynsey Buell (aka panther girl), we went rock climbing at the Quarry. We climbed around for a few hours then went and ate at Cafe Rio... which is definitely one of my favorite restraunts. well... im definitely not in the blogging mood anymore haha. I'll try to blog more later when Im in a better mood...




"Dream as if you'll live forever. Live as if you'll die today" -James Dean