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Words of wisdom

"don't follow your heart because it just seems to get in your way"


So sick of being tired...

Hello Blog Team! Ohisashiburi desu ne!

I thought you all needed an update of my life so here it is.

I have been going to concerts a lot lately. The most recent ones have been Jacks mannequin, Muse, and Smashing Pumpkins. The Pumpkins show was so far the best... Although i'm sure Muse would have been up there if I wasn't given the wrong ticket.. o well it has past and i've moved on. Sadie Hawkins is coming up and i have not been asked yet. so hopefully i will get asked since i haven't been the past two years. Also, I have been hanging out with this girl a lot lately. that's because she's my girlfriend. haha i haven't told many people but I guess the word needs to be spread :) and we are doing great . School is coming along greatly and it still isn't too bad. I actually enjoy it quite a bit, which is good. My grades are alright... I guess, and i shouldn't get too bad of grades for the first term. O and I became a true wasp.. in case you didn't know.

I have been going to all sorts of activities to get me excited about picking a college. Throughout my college searching journeys i found out that I really really want to go to SUU. UVU would be pretty nice and i will probably go there for a little while, but SUU is looking like my top choice. I get to spend the weekend down there a couple weeks ago with my sister. I found out that i fit in pretty well with the college crowd. And, despite my thoughts, college students aren't all that more mature than high school students (well some of them). Im pretty excited to meet new faces and gain an understanding of what it is like fending for yourself in the big, scary world.

The past few days I have been listening to some of my old favorite bands and Taking Back Sunday is definitely amazing. I forgot how much I love them. I just wish their new album was like their older ones.. they were so amazing. anyways If you want quotes or lyrics, just go listen to "You know how i do" by Taking Back Sunday. Until next time... Peace

Michael W (dubble-yuh)


long time, no blog

"I guess in Japan I blend in more" - James Iha

I havent blogged for almost a month now and I figured now was a good time to do it. Whats with the random James Iha quote you ask? Well, the past little while has been all about the Pumpkins for me. And not seeing James at the concert made me a little depressed but it was still very very very very satisfying. It was probably the most amazing experience of my life! Berto and I got to the Mckay event Center at around 12:30 and were probably 12th in line. when it started we were front and center, right by Billys mic stand. They played some really amazing songs, and the acoustic version of 1979 was definitely one of my favorites. It was a long and magical night. I totally got squished up against the front rail for most of the concert but it was worth it.

Homecoming was also yesterday. It was so much fun. I went with Lynsey Buell (aka panther girl), we went rock climbing at the Quarry. We climbed around for a few hours then went and ate at Cafe Rio... which is definitely one of my favorite restraunts. well... im definitely not in the blogging mood anymore haha. I'll try to blog more later when Im in a better mood...




"Dream as if you'll live forever. Live as if you'll die today" -James Dean


Falling away with you

I have been in a MUSEy mood for the past ever... so here are some good lyrics form one of their song off of the Absolution album. go check it out! I am really really excited for the concert in september :)

Falling Away With You-

I can't remember when it was good
Moments of happiness elude
maybe i just misunderstood

all of the love we left behind
watching the flashbacks intertwine
memories I will never find

so I'll love whatever you become
and forget the reckless things we've done
I think our lives have just begun
I think our lives have just begun

and I feel my world crumbling
I feel my life crumbling
I feel my soul crumbling away
and falling away
falling away with you

staying awake to chase a dream
tasting the air you're breathing in
I know I wont forget a thing

promise to hold you close and pray
watching the fantasies decay
nothing will ever stay the same

all of the love we threw away
all of the hopes we cherished fade
making the same mistakes again
making the same mistakes again

I can feel my world crumbling
I can feel my life crumbling
I can feel my soul crumbling away
and falling away
falling away with you

All of the love we've left behind
watching the flashbacks intertwine
memories I will never find
memories I will never find

...and thats it. Its an amazing song weee hooo. a real blog will come soon



Happy B-day Brady

Yesterday was almost a perfect day. It was one of the greatest days I have had so far this summer.... I dont even know why. First I woke up and made it to church early so I could bless the sacrament. I have not done this much lately, but its important to me and Im glad I got the chance to do it. I also gave a talk which I wasnt really looking forward to. It wasnt very well written but i got up there and did it, so it felt really good. Britta also gave a talk that day in her ward. Morgan, Lurpe, and I think Jeb went to hear her speak. She is obviously more popular than me with everyone, but I had less things to be nervous about. And yes, lurpe did attend church.. its a miracle. After sacrament meeting everyone told me what a good job I did (even though I knew they were lying) and even this cute girl in my ward talked to me and told me how well i did and by the way she smiled I could tell she wasnt lying. although she is too young for me... It made me feel good though. thank you unnamed girl. I also saw Joy from down the hall... she didnt come say hi to me but i was still glad to see her. sunday school was tiring as usual but for some reason it wasnt half as bad as usual. Priesthood was swell as well. Mitch Nelson taught about charity, and if Kris Powell would have been there he and I would have had a good laugh. a girl named charity liked him/likes him. i had to giggle to myself. It was a really nice lesson though. It totally made me want to give everything i have to everyone in need and do everything I can for others. After church I drove home and changed into my nice new clothes. There is something about new clothes that makes me feel like a new or different person.... its cool. And while we are on the topic of clothes. One of my guilty pleasures is dressing well and making myself look good. I dont do it much... but I love the satisfaction of looking good and thinking that maybe someone else will think the same way about me. but anyways, after i changed i played my bass in my room. i played Dark Shines by Muse about a million times. Its reall awesome because it requires me to play lots of notes fast and gives me little time to think and for the first time I learned how to play without looking at my fingers. Im getting better and im proud of myself for it. After shredding for over an hour i decided to get on the computer and see who was online. I had some nice conversations with Tish Tish, Karevi, and Katrina... I love having actual conversations with people and talking about stuff. I just recently found out that all of these people are people who i can do that with... its really nice. Pretty soon I felt the need to go longboarding so i stuck in my earphones and rode along the streets listening to Muse. i kept seeing people and they would smile and wave at me... It made me happy. I soon stopped at Erins to visit and she, hannah, britta, brady, and kelsey were all there. I was really glad to see hannah and kelsey for i hadnt seen them for awhile. they have been gone all summer long. But almost as soon as i got there hannah left and we watched an episode of CSI. i then made my way home. i took a nice little nap on my couch then woke up and texted joy for a few hours. then Brady came and picked me up to go to the water tower to watch the meteor shower. Prior to him picking me up i had told Katrina that he and i were going to be doing the whole water tower thing and she jokingly called us gay for it. I told Brady this in the car and we both laughed about it. we have a good relationship in which we can both do almost anything or say anything without it being awkward. Its really awesome... and we are not gay. When we got to the water tower there was a big, blue van parked by it. Brady, being the daring one (not to mention I did not want to see anything that was not worth seeing...) he went up and peered through the windows to see what kind of action was going down, but it was too dark to see anything so he came back to the car. We then decided to go with Erin to JR smith to watch the meteor shower. we layed our blankets down in the middle of the field as a couple of teenager scurried off of the bleachers by us... it was funny because we were just talking about what a good makeout spot it would be and there it was... a couple of teenagers makin out on the bleachers. We were both in a crazy mood. we flirted and joked around with Erin a lot. it was really funny. After lying under the stars for awhile Erin told me to come with her to her car... i had no idea why, but i soon found out. It was Bradys birthday in five minutes and Erin had brought a cake with some candles and a few forks. We surprised Brady and brought the cake to him and sang as he blew the candles out. It was a really awesome moment... the three of us huddled up in the middle of a field under shooting stars eating a cake with a couple of forks. i will definitely never forget it. Britta came pretty soon after and she went off with Erin to tell girlie secrets. so Brady and I told manly secrets. we talked about interesting moments we had with girls... it was a pretty bonding moment haha. It was cool. we could have talked for hours but erin and britta came back and it was late so we decided to head home. I felt really close to everyone, especially Brady, in a really cool, friendly way. It was way awesome. I realized there was another person who could relate to me so much. haha too bad there isnt a girl like that. well... thats how my almost perfect day went. not too bad eh? It was quite a cool day. It is those kinds of days I really love.


p.s. i wrote this right after i got home from the park last night/this morning. keep in mind it was really really late.



So I just took this myspace survey and one of the questions was "What do you label yourself as?" I kind of just stopped and thought for a minute then wrote down about five characteristics or groups of people that I would fit into. It was something like this : Nerd, wierdo, prep, hippie, skater, band geek. haha I looked over that a million times and decided that I had a little bit of all of those in me, but I had no idea what my "label" was. The people I hang out with and spend all of my time with are all almost completely different. Some of them are Metal-heads, some of them are Hippies, there are also Preps, Band geeks, Choir nerds, drama wierdo, man-whores, wanna-be's, musicians, and a lot of other things. What am I? I don't know... I guess I'm just me. To me, "labels" kind of diminish once you get to know a person. You get to know every part of their personality and find out that everyone has many different styles. We all have something in common. Don't judge or label people.

This thought has been brought to you by Michaelface


Unaccomplished summer

This summer has gone by way too fast. With only a few weeks left Berto and I realized that we have not done ANYTHING! I had so many plans and things to do but I havent done any of them. So, barto and I created a list of things we still need to do. Its not yet complete but here it s:

hike to park city
go to lagoon many times
go school shopping
find women for us
small road trip
go to nerdy anime convention
walk around pc
steal something(?)
Hang out with kelseypoo
Watch the Office

there are so many more things we need to do! If you have any suggestions or ideas , add to the list.


In a harry mood

During the past few weeks I have been reading Harry potter almost nonstop. So, consequently, all I can think about lately is Harry Potter and other such wizarding things. So I decided to write a Harry Potter Quiz/Questioniare. haha I havent even finished the 6th or 7th books , but I will shortly... lets see if this turns out how I meant it to.

1. Favorite HP Book? Order of the Phoenix (so far...)
2. Favorite Wizard in the series? The weasley twins
3. Favorite non-wizard in the series? Fawkes the Phoenix
4. If you could be any character from the books, who would you be? Fred or George weasley
5. Character you hated the most? Umbridge
6. Funnest spell to use on someone? The spell that makes your legs move uncontrollably in a dance like motion

well... I'm kind of too lazy to think of more. I just wanted to share. Comment your answers por favor



Class schedule of 08

Dear everyone,

SIS is up and I checked my schedule. It looks pretty intense... If you have any classes with me tell me.

1. Gen Financial Literacy- Clyde
2. Physics- Turner
3. Wind Orchestra- Siggard
4. PE- North
5. Japanese 4- Carlile
6. Biotechnology- Gritton
7. 3D graphics and annimation- Zabel
8. Math 1010 (ya Im stupid...)- Warnick


Summer things to do...

I know I haven't blogged for a bit, but nothing really blog worthy has happened. So I have to decided to write about the lack of happenings in my life that are making this summer quite dull and also the events that are coming up within the next little while that could possibly save me from boredom.
Here are some reasons why my summer has been lacking in fun:
*first of all, being dumped= instant self-confidence decreaser
*Everyone can drive. what happened to the good ol' days where we walked around town and talked and had fun during the summer nights? now that everyone can drive, that pretty much ruins everything...
*Joy is in Texas
*Jeb works a lot and travels to Chicago
*Britta keeps going on little camping adventures slash trips
*Hannah keeps leaving us for some nice big eastern cities, which im jealous of..
*Erin is too busy with her 12 boyfriends... and she travels
*Morgan is traveling and never calls me
*Ty Ty has a girlfriend
*Randi never calls me and she has a boyfriend
*Nobody ever calls me, except Besto and Brady when they are home...
*I havent been to a concert yet
*I work at the Wave
*Im stuck in a dead-end job
*I need more Derek
*Where did Kelsey go? I miss her...
*Lack of Parties
*I need to meet new girls... all the girls I like are my friends and will probably never like me back

Fun or exciting things I have done/will do
*Lake Powell wit my scout bros was pretty chill
*Smashing Pumpkins, Muse, and Mae in September!! holy crap I cant even wait
*Guys nights
*Midnight movies
*Harry and the Potters AND the new harry potter book
*Meeting new girls... I WILL for sure meet new girls. Its my goal.
*Im going to hang out with my cousin at some point...
*thats about it. hanging out with my friends has probably been the funnest thing so far... I love them dearly

Well... I need some sleep. I have been thinking WAY too much. Good night

Love Michael william rusty jew holocaustsurvivor stick loser mcfashizzle monkey sherrifwoody jonathan david timothy single Carr



So i found out about a little thing called mobile blogging :) i'm pretty sure i'm going to use it a lot now. If anyone wants to send me random pics on my phone i'd be happy to post them on my blog. once i get enough i'll have a collection posted


Man... The vans club rocks. I like this pic


Black and Tan Nation

Dear you

Yesterday I joined a gang. Yes, a gang. We are called the Black and Tan Nation and our gang activities include shopping at Borders and getting smoothies at Jamba Juice. We're pretty much the coolest gang ever.

So yesterday at Borders I decided to buy a few CDs. I had no intentions of buying them when I walked into the store... but you know how it is. Its hard to go into Borders without coming out having bought a few books or cds. I bought the new White Stripes CD and a Harry and the Potters one also... they are both amazing :) Today I went to sonic and had breakfast with Jennifer then we went over to the park where the car show was and walked around and looked for a bit. It was nice :). I also found out today that the yellow porsche got in an accident and got all banged up which is pretty lame. It was sooo beautiful. Brady is probably going to cry when he finds out. Well Im thinking I'll blog again later today if I have time..

Love Michaelwilliam


Dr. Bob

Dear Mr Blog,

So Ive already posted some blogs today... but what I'm going to say just needs to come out. I did not get to sleep until around four thirty then i woke up at about nine and did crappy chores and stuff followed by going to work. For some reason this morning I felt really happy. I made a playlist for my Zune full of songs that make me smile or think of happy things and i listened to it all during work. Right after work I went to the Tiki/ WFTM and visited with Jeb. It was very pleasant :) following that I went over to the farmers market in the park and spoke with Derek for awhile then eventually everyone else came over also. We sat in the grass and listened to a pretty rad classic rock band called Dr. Bob. They were pretty awesome... at least I thought so. We then decided to go visit Britta Marie which was nice because talked as we sat on emo lane. One of the greatest things ever, to me, is being with my friends and just talking about problems or telling stories or just being yourself. I love it. And I love them. Im kind of having a little bit of a problem right now and a few people know about it but those of you who don't... just don't even worry. Its just one of those me being wierd problems... I'll get things figured out. I better not leave without saying something deep or meaningful.. hmm so I found my powereade in the back of my van unopened and I was way excited. It was like finding a 5 dollar bill in your pocket. It felt a little warm but i didnt really care so i opened it and too a swig. I expected a lovely Green Squall goodness in my mouth, but it tasted very very strange. Drinking warm powerade is Not a good idea. And thats my advice... just because its your favorite flavor doesn't mean It will always taste good.

Love, Michaelwilliam

Happy Michael :)

Today is the start of something new. I am going to be happy :) i can feel it. Ive just been thinking a lot lately and have realized how bad things aren't... sometimes they aren't so good, but there is always something that gives me reason to be happy. This is my favorite song in the world and just writing the lyrics down make me happy :D

She greets the day with her hair wet
She asks them to vacate the building because
Shes got a plan they don't know yet
And if it goes wrong there'll be no one to see

do do do do
do do do do
do do do

do do do do
do do do do
do do do

If she could just get the word out
God knows shes trying
They're watching her with eyes closed
Shes always stuck with the old route
Does anyone knock when they barge in to beat her down?

Will you come back?
Its all she wants to know
She knows shes part of the problem too
Could she let it go?
It'd take a miracle
So thats what I'm praying for

No one can know just how she feels
She wont use the phone, she's too tired to pick it up
Shes going back to the old way
She sits in the classroom to learn with the others

do do do do
do do do do
do do do

do do do do
do do do do
do do do
do do...

Please don't give up when its easy
Don't you know that me and Jesus will cheer you on?
He's the only one who will be
Everything you need

Will you come back?
It's all she wants to know
She knows she's part of the problem too
Could she let it go?
It'd take a miracle so thats what I'm praying for

She lives on Tisbury Lane
She lives on Tisbury Lane


Michaelface over and out


first real blog...

If I ever get time to blog i will... i have soooo much to write about. good bye