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Black and Tan Nation

Dear you

Yesterday I joined a gang. Yes, a gang. We are called the Black and Tan Nation and our gang activities include shopping at Borders and getting smoothies at Jamba Juice. We're pretty much the coolest gang ever.

So yesterday at Borders I decided to buy a few CDs. I had no intentions of buying them when I walked into the store... but you know how it is. Its hard to go into Borders without coming out having bought a few books or cds. I bought the new White Stripes CD and a Harry and the Potters one also... they are both amazing :) Today I went to sonic and had breakfast with Jennifer then we went over to the park where the car show was and walked around and looked for a bit. It was nice :). I also found out today that the yellow porsche got in an accident and got all banged up which is pretty lame. It was sooo beautiful. Brady is probably going to cry when he finds out. Well Im thinking I'll blog again later today if I have time..

Love Michaelwilliam


Dr. Bob

Dear Mr Blog,

So Ive already posted some blogs today... but what I'm going to say just needs to come out. I did not get to sleep until around four thirty then i woke up at about nine and did crappy chores and stuff followed by going to work. For some reason this morning I felt really happy. I made a playlist for my Zune full of songs that make me smile or think of happy things and i listened to it all during work. Right after work I went to the Tiki/ WFTM and visited with Jeb. It was very pleasant :) following that I went over to the farmers market in the park and spoke with Derek for awhile then eventually everyone else came over also. We sat in the grass and listened to a pretty rad classic rock band called Dr. Bob. They were pretty awesome... at least I thought so. We then decided to go visit Britta Marie which was nice because talked as we sat on emo lane. One of the greatest things ever, to me, is being with my friends and just talking about problems or telling stories or just being yourself. I love it. And I love them. Im kind of having a little bit of a problem right now and a few people know about it but those of you who don't... just don't even worry. Its just one of those me being wierd problems... I'll get things figured out. I better not leave without saying something deep or meaningful.. hmm so I found my powereade in the back of my van unopened and I was way excited. It was like finding a 5 dollar bill in your pocket. It felt a little warm but i didnt really care so i opened it and too a swig. I expected a lovely Green Squall goodness in my mouth, but it tasted very very strange. Drinking warm powerade is Not a good idea. And thats my advice... just because its your favorite flavor doesn't mean It will always taste good.

Love, Michaelwilliam

Happy Michael :)

Today is the start of something new. I am going to be happy :) i can feel it. Ive just been thinking a lot lately and have realized how bad things aren't... sometimes they aren't so good, but there is always something that gives me reason to be happy. This is my favorite song in the world and just writing the lyrics down make me happy :D

She greets the day with her hair wet
She asks them to vacate the building because
Shes got a plan they don't know yet
And if it goes wrong there'll be no one to see

do do do do
do do do do
do do do

do do do do
do do do do
do do do

If she could just get the word out
God knows shes trying
They're watching her with eyes closed
Shes always stuck with the old route
Does anyone knock when they barge in to beat her down?

Will you come back?
Its all she wants to know
She knows shes part of the problem too
Could she let it go?
It'd take a miracle
So thats what I'm praying for

No one can know just how she feels
She wont use the phone, she's too tired to pick it up
Shes going back to the old way
She sits in the classroom to learn with the others

do do do do
do do do do
do do do

do do do do
do do do do
do do do
do do...

Please don't give up when its easy
Don't you know that me and Jesus will cheer you on?
He's the only one who will be
Everything you need

Will you come back?
It's all she wants to know
She knows she's part of the problem too
Could she let it go?
It'd take a miracle so thats what I'm praying for

She lives on Tisbury Lane
She lives on Tisbury Lane


Michaelface over and out


first real blog...

If I ever get time to blog i will... i have soooo much to write about. good bye