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So I just took this myspace survey and one of the questions was "What do you label yourself as?" I kind of just stopped and thought for a minute then wrote down about five characteristics or groups of people that I would fit into. It was something like this : Nerd, wierdo, prep, hippie, skater, band geek. haha I looked over that a million times and decided that I had a little bit of all of those in me, but I had no idea what my "label" was. The people I hang out with and spend all of my time with are all almost completely different. Some of them are Metal-heads, some of them are Hippies, there are also Preps, Band geeks, Choir nerds, drama wierdo, man-whores, wanna-be's, musicians, and a lot of other things. What am I? I don't know... I guess I'm just me. To me, "labels" kind of diminish once you get to know a person. You get to know every part of their personality and find out that everyone has many different styles. We all have something in common. Don't judge or label people.

This thought has been brought to you by Michaelface


tyler said...

that is a good thought. i agree. labels are dumb. no one really has a true label, there are many sides to one person. people shouldnt be so blind and just label before you know someone.
thats all i got
with love
ty ty

berto said...

um...duh? what have I been saying forever? well, glad someone gets it (except everyone i hang out with pretty much does anyways)

Berto (barto)

Anonymous said...

I had issues on that question too.
And then my sister and I had pretty much this conversation. Haha. I love you Michaelface.

<3 Randalynn

Jennifer said...

who is the wanna-be? lol. but you've got some good thoughts here. like always.