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So sick of being tired...

Hello Blog Team! Ohisashiburi desu ne!

I thought you all needed an update of my life so here it is.

I have been going to concerts a lot lately. The most recent ones have been Jacks mannequin, Muse, and Smashing Pumpkins. The Pumpkins show was so far the best... Although i'm sure Muse would have been up there if I wasn't given the wrong ticket.. o well it has past and i've moved on. Sadie Hawkins is coming up and i have not been asked yet. so hopefully i will get asked since i haven't been the past two years. Also, I have been hanging out with this girl a lot lately. that's because she's my girlfriend. haha i haven't told many people but I guess the word needs to be spread :) and we are doing great . School is coming along greatly and it still isn't too bad. I actually enjoy it quite a bit, which is good. My grades are alright... I guess, and i shouldn't get too bad of grades for the first term. O and I became a true wasp.. in case you didn't know.

I have been going to all sorts of activities to get me excited about picking a college. Throughout my college searching journeys i found out that I really really want to go to SUU. UVU would be pretty nice and i will probably go there for a little while, but SUU is looking like my top choice. I get to spend the weekend down there a couple weeks ago with my sister. I found out that i fit in pretty well with the college crowd. And, despite my thoughts, college students aren't all that more mature than high school students (well some of them). Im pretty excited to meet new faces and gain an understanding of what it is like fending for yourself in the big, scary world.

The past few days I have been listening to some of my old favorite bands and Taking Back Sunday is definitely amazing. I forgot how much I love them. I just wish their new album was like their older ones.. they were so amazing. anyways If you want quotes or lyrics, just go listen to "You know how i do" by Taking Back Sunday. Until next time... Peace

Michael W (dubble-yuh)

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

oh wow. college. it's really exciting to think about, but then at the same time....uh, what are we thinking? we're not grown up. lol.