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The Artist

Today I was doing an art project and I realized that I really like doing art. Even more than I like working with computers! Well... possibly. I'm not super amazing at painting and drawing, but I can design quite well. I wish I could be a graphic design major instead of a computer science major... but I think I would lose my scholorship. I'll have to show everyone some of my "work". Some of it is good. Madeline even said she would buy one of them (she might have been saying that to make me feel good, but still).
I miss you all and hope you can visit soon. I think Im going to the Fleet Foxes concert in a couple of weeks, but I cant really stop and visit unless you are giving me some place to sleep. I love you all. Thanks for everything.



Tish Tish said...

anberlin comes in a few days also. with straylight run. woot.

natalie said...

i want to play somemore.
two hours was not enough.
you are an artist michael.
and you can do anything you want.
i promise.
you are fantastic.

Anonymous said...

i love graphics. totally my major of choice. yay

berto said...

I have an extra bed.

And you're gonna go what I'm gonna go into! ish! We'll set up a design company together. okay.