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So During the month of November I will not be shaving, as It is no-shave November. Hopefully By the end of the month I will have grown a nice manly beard. I hadn't shaved for a few weeks until today. Here is what came from not shaving. I think that by the end of the month it will be a little longer than this:


tyler said...

thats so cool haha. i wish i had more than just man scruff

Morgan said...

wow!! impressive... you're such a manly man!

berto said...

Well I had no idea about no-shave November until now and funnily enough, PFH is having a beard growing contest this month. haha. So yeah. So far, my stupid chin hairs are just bugging me...


natalie said...

yay vichael.
or mountain man michael.
thats all.

Neil said...

your a hero to all of us who can't grow such many beards