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Cheese and Crackers!

I've been wanting to blog for awhile, but haven't been able to gather all of my thoughts. Tonight I present you with some of my thoughts/experiences/feelings from life in Cedar City. Get ready.. (keep in mind: It's after three in the morning, I'm pretty tired)

First off.
I know I haven't really talked to anybody for awhile and I'm sorry. These past few months have been very crucial in my life. This is it. I'm grown up now. I have had to start thinking about where I want to go in life and I've had to do it all by myself. 

Discovering what I want to be has definitely been my favorite experience thus far. In high school there are groups, clicks, social norms, and so on. College is definitely not what I expected in terms of those things. Nobody gets picked on or made fun. Everybody is friends with everybody. Everyone has (pretty much) grown up and stands above all of that stupid labeling and social norm stuff. I am probably one of the weirdest kids on campus, but honestly, I could care less. Nobody cares how I dress or what I like. Nobody is going to make fun of me for wearing nerdy clothing or playing a mini keyboard with my friend in the school living room. We are all different and we all know it. Yay college

(Remember: It's super early in the morning. Maybe I write better when I can't think? hmmm)

My views on life have become more apparent to me and I am definitely gaining stronger opinions about things. Politics, for example, is something I never cared about. In high school I could have cared less about which laws pass and what we do about the war. But I  have recently gained some pretty solid understanding of politics and FINALLY have some political views. Just so you all know, I'm neither Democrat nor Republican. That's that. for now

At the beginning, the hardest part for me was talking to people. I have never been good with words or expressing feelings. I have also never really been a people person. People scare me and always have. I have had to step our of my comfort thousands of times since ive been here and it was been so wonderful. The littlest, but most amazing thing in the world is meeting a new person. I love just saying hi to someone or starting some small talk to get to know them. Sometimes you get along with them, other times you don't. But it's always a good experience either way. 
-Little experience: Today I went to Austins (my room mate) friends apartment. I wasn't too excited. But, once we arrived, there were tons of people there and I socialized with every single one. I loved it so much. I love the beginning of any kind of relationship; be it friendship, romance, or making a secret little enemy. I highly recommend going and saying hi to some random person you've always wanted to talk to, or even somebody you have never wanted to talk to. DO IT!! then tell me how it goes. 

Okay so enough with the kind of serious stuff... here are some odd little things I think you all want to know about me(with pictures!!):

- I always say "What the butt?" and always use the word "Poo". Don't ask why
- The kid who was dating my sister a few weeks ago is actually turning into one of my best friends.
- I love weird music. Indietronic, indie-folk, and progressive rock = the shiz
- I crashed my Roommates car. oops
- All of my roommates and I have only been in the same room all at once about three times.
there are four of us.
- I love free french fries from the T-bird grill.
- I love Sweaters and glasses. Girls who wear sweaters and glasses are also something i enjoy.
-I'm really immature in a mature way
-  People who refuse to date non-return-missionaries piss me off.
- my roommate is the most conservative person on the planet. He also has the same beliefs as his grandma, step-dad, and mom No matter what those beliefs might be.
- I love The Grind. It's a cute little coffee shop that hosts shows and whatnot. 
-Its late. holy cow. more rambling

Jordans pumpkin partied too hard...

Me and my friend Amanda with the city in the background

My room from the guitars' pov ( i guess..?)

Where's Waldo?

I basically only have these pictures for now. sorry

I'm sorry this is kind of just turning into a giant ramble. I hope you didn't lose interest halfway through. The pictures should have helped a little bit! I will post more soon. I promise. As for now, I need some sleep. The weekends are the only time I can ever sleep for more than five hours. I would love for people to hang out with me over thanksgiving break or even come down here sometime. 

love Michael William

Song of the Blog:

Invasion- Eisley

The colorless words are burning our heels
As the bright lights of the city fade
Taking the chase to curb our fear
As the bloodless moon casts its face

Ooh, something's not right
I can feel it inside
Something's not right

You would take the breath from my throat
And you would take the cherished people that I hold

All in time you will be one of us painless, us blameless
Go to sleep, this wont hurt a bit
Shifting your shape to our shells

Ooh, something's not right
I can feel it inside
Something's not right

You would take the breath from my throat
And you would take the cherished people that I hold

And they will try to make us forget ourselves
One by one, one by one
Call me crazy but they are after us
One by one, one by one
You don't have to know the truth
If you believe it
I believe it, too

Ooh, something's not right
I can feel it inside
Something's not right

You would take the breath from my throat
And you would take the cherished people that I hold


Morgan said...

mmm, i just love eisley so much. which reminds me that i need to check sherri's blog too... lol. i love meeting new people too. and i've learned so, so, so much about myself here. what i also love is realizing that my friends from high school were and are the greatest friends ever ever ever. the good things that you say about people at college have always been true for us, and it's wonderful.

tyler said...

mike, dude, this was an excellent blog.i love blogs that are about nothing but how the persons life is going. i'm glad everything is working out for you. we should hang thanksgiving break. turkey bowl?

natalie said...

eisley does speak to us.
college seems wonderful for all of you!
i am so glad you seem to have found yourselves!
especially you michael... congratulations.
life is ever changing and i am glad you can find your soul during that wild ride.
good luck.

berto said...

I kind of wish I was at a big college far away from home like you are. Especially when I read stuff like this.

It's okay though, I'm perfectly happy in Heber.

We're definitely hanging out when you come.

Nice shirt in the Amanda pic.


P.S. Don't you just love people that don't think for themselves?

Anonymous said...

i love michael william

and i love your 3 am blogs
very nice. :)

im so ready for college