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Life Update

I decided to come out of my little cave that is Cedar City and tell you all about what has been going on in my life lately. The best way to tell you is to show you! Here are some pictures from the past few weeks with captions

This was taken after my neighbor, Danielle, put dish soap in the dish washer. There was a huge mess of bubbles all over the kitchen. It was way better than Christmas. In this picture you can see that somebody just fed me some of the delicious bubbles.

This one and the next few to come were taken at the greatest triple-bday party/dance party ever. It took place in apartment 21 which I now basically call home. The girls there accept me as their roommate and I spend most of my time over there now. 

a few of my roommates are pictured here, along with my sister. 

haha there is Kevin trying to croud surf in a tiny apartment

Kevin in the dance circle! Sorry there aren't any of my dancing. I know you all want to see that.

More drinking pictures. Non-alcholic of course.

So those are the few pictures I have(yes they are from facebook), but let me tell you in words now how things have been going. First off, I beat Super mario brothers 1, 2, 3, and lost levels all in five days. Without Cheating and using warps! If you have played the games then you know what I'm talking about. That's sadly the biggest accomplishment for me lately. Actually, I lied, the biggest accomplishment for me has been coming out of my bubble and talking to people. I am a pretty timid and shy kid,  but lately I've been talking to people and becoming social. I never thought I could do it. Go me *pats self on back*. 
The past few weeks I've been in a constant dance mood. I've been listening to upbeat, rythmic dance tunes. The dance party in apartment 21 is definitely what kind of kicked off my dancy mood. It was such a blast. We crammed a bajillion people into one apartment living room and danced for four hours! Then the following night was an institute dance, which never fails to put me in a good mood. A few weeks after that there was another institute dance, probably the best one yet. This cute girl from California asked me to dance which was totally amazing. Then a few others came and danced with me also. Sadly, I didn't do too well with getting numbers. I got zero. But hopefully I will man up and get some numbers at the dance next week. 
Before I go to bed I need to write about my new "roommates". I've basically been living at apt 21 for the past two weeks. The reason why I hang out at a girls apartment instead of mine is because my roomate is more dramatic than any girl I know and sometimes I just need to get away from that. That's basically it. I don't know what more to say, but I you feel the desire to just chat or anything, give me a call or text me. It would be greately appreciated :) I miss you all



Kim said...

I definitely agree that that was the best party ever, and I think Stadium Way has gotten me addicted to dancing! I love institute dances, and I'm glad that you do, too. I was worried you wouldn't wanna do that kinda stuff when you got to college, but since you do, it's freakin awesome! Love you bro!

berto said...

Wow. This makes me want to come visit a lot more. But I still can't. ha. I will try to before the semester ends though.

Okay, Maiku, a girl ASKED you to dance and you didn't get her phone number? Seriously? haha.

There are like....10 girls my age at Wasatch Campus. ha.

And yeah, I've been having to deal with getting out of my shyness. I mean, it's easy to meet people with your friends around, but I have to do it by my lonesome. and it's hard.

That's what she said.

ha. Okay.

You need to visit soon, though, cause you can. And remember, I have an extra room if you need it.


Morgan said...

woooooooo!! party animal!!!!!! lol, i miss you too.

Jeff Peteson said...

Aside from the lack of a window your kitchen looks just like mine

natalie said...

oh michael.

i am so glad you are growing up through dancing. =]
now you know why people do it all the time right?

it is a certain kind of magic.
just like david bowie sang on my all time favorite movie labyrinth,

..thats all.

miss you!