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Oh great. Here I go ranting

So I'm not the kind of guy who lets things get to him. I'm usually pretty accepting or ready to deal with what comes at me. But, lately I've seen a new side of myself. A side that gets frustrated and sometimes angry. There are, in fact, a few things that bug even me.
Number 1: People doing stupid things/going against all the logic in their heads to impress other people.
-Why would you make an unwise decision on purpose and have a full knowledge that what you are about to do will have bad consequences? Sure there are temporary pleasures, but are they really worth it?
-Why would you ever go against what you believe is right to become "cool" in the eyes of "cool" people? Yes, I know not everyone has the same beliefs. And some people have no belifs at all. But if you have beliefs and/or goals, stick to them. Don't change them to fit in with the crowd. You want to be a real non-conformist? Be true to yourself, nobody else is doing it.
It seems that people tend to do this a lot. I know I'm probably guilty of it. But I've certainly vowed to better myself in this area. It's not worth it. If I'm going to impress someone, I want to genuinely do it. It feels so much more satisfying. I have so much more to say on this topic, but I will save it for another day.
Number 2: I greatly dislike Hypocrytes.
Number 3: I greatly dislike Stupid People. I know some people were born without a brain. But those that do have a brain and never use it should probably die... or use it. Either one works.

So none of this is necessarily geared towards anybody I know. So don't take it personal. It's just stuff that has been getting to me lately. Hopefully a happy and more heartfelt blog will come soon. FArewell. Bed Time