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Dr. Bob

Dear Mr Blog,

So Ive already posted some blogs today... but what I'm going to say just needs to come out. I did not get to sleep until around four thirty then i woke up at about nine and did crappy chores and stuff followed by going to work. For some reason this morning I felt really happy. I made a playlist for my Zune full of songs that make me smile or think of happy things and i listened to it all during work. Right after work I went to the Tiki/ WFTM and visited with Jeb. It was very pleasant :) following that I went over to the farmers market in the park and spoke with Derek for awhile then eventually everyone else came over also. We sat in the grass and listened to a pretty rad classic rock band called Dr. Bob. They were pretty awesome... at least I thought so. We then decided to go visit Britta Marie which was nice because talked as we sat on emo lane. One of the greatest things ever, to me, is being with my friends and just talking about problems or telling stories or just being yourself. I love it. And I love them. Im kind of having a little bit of a problem right now and a few people know about it but those of you who don't... just don't even worry. Its just one of those me being wierd problems... I'll get things figured out. I better not leave without saying something deep or meaningful.. hmm so I found my powereade in the back of my van unopened and I was way excited. It was like finding a 5 dollar bill in your pocket. It felt a little warm but i didnt really care so i opened it and too a swig. I expected a lovely Green Squall goodness in my mouth, but it tasted very very strange. Drinking warm powerade is Not a good idea. And thats my advice... just because its your favorite flavor doesn't mean It will always taste good.

Love, Michaelwilliam


*randalynn* said...

Hahah Good Advice. Ill remember that next time I just neglect a powerade to the dooms of a car or something.

Love you Michaelface!

Hannah said...

Michael! yay, i now know your blog family address! well, i read all the blogs from this day. haha. and i'm glad you are getting happier. I must say, the night at emo lane was pretty good, just talking to everyone and sitting there and looking at the stars. THAT is the best way to spend summer nights as far as i'm concerned. for sure. :)

berto said...

Dr. Bob freaking rocked, i loved them. Carl was especially cool (the guitarist). and i freaking told you your powerade was back there! jeez.


Jennifer said...

yay for visiting jeb at work. and yay for farmers' market days. and yay for summer. and yay for michael.