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Black and Tan Nation

Dear you

Yesterday I joined a gang. Yes, a gang. We are called the Black and Tan Nation and our gang activities include shopping at Borders and getting smoothies at Jamba Juice. We're pretty much the coolest gang ever.

So yesterday at Borders I decided to buy a few CDs. I had no intentions of buying them when I walked into the store... but you know how it is. Its hard to go into Borders without coming out having bought a few books or cds. I bought the new White Stripes CD and a Harry and the Potters one also... they are both amazing :) Today I went to sonic and had breakfast with Jennifer then we went over to the park where the car show was and walked around and looked for a bit. It was nice :). I also found out today that the yellow porsche got in an accident and got all banged up which is pretty lame. It was sooo beautiful. Brady is probably going to cry when he finds out. Well Im thinking I'll blog again later today if I have time..

Love Michaelwilliam


Britta said...

"B AND T!"

We rule. Period.

berto said...

what?? the yellow porche?!? that sucks!

Harry and the Potters ftw!

BNT is gonna take another Borders trip soon, and we'll get back at Tyler for you.


Jennifer said...

lol yeah, he probably will cry.