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The bringer of despair

I know everyone thinks I'm a huge jerk

And a bringer of much despair

Everyone has their own views 

And I'm going to stick to what I feel is best

My intentions aren't to hurt, but to make better

It may not seem like I'm in love

but that couldn't be further from the truth

"If you love something, set it free"

That never made sense to me until now

Sometimes I wish I could just skip a few years of my life

To see how things will turn out without having to deal 

Why can't people look past the hurt and see the positive?

That's all I wanted...

I'm sticking with my decisions

Try to see my side

Everyone has done what I've done before...

I hope that explained some of my thoughts...
I miss all of you. Please come visit?



natalie said...

you aren't the bringer of despair. you are my happiness... i am starting to see your side... it is just taking time... i know you still love me and i am sorry this has been the dramatic peak of this....
you are wonderful.

Morgan said...

i don't think your a jerk michael, if that's why you wouldn't text me anymore. i was just trying to figure out what was happening between my two friends. you know i love you. and maybe it was none of my business. you know by nature though, that i can't see people i love sad, without trying to fix it.

Kim said...

It's all about the big picture.

berto said...

I think Cedar does something to people...