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College life so far

I haven't blogged since I left for Cedar City so I decided I should probably update everyone about my life. This past week I've been constantly meeting new people. Ha ha I've figured out that it takes me, on average, two meetings with a person to remember their name. I actually have made a few friends. First there is my roommate, Austin. He's a band nerd and A very devoted Mormon. He's such a funny and great guy. Second, my sister has introduced me to a few of her roommates/friends(they are mostly girls). I've also made friends with the neighbor girls. We actually had them over for dinner on sunday night. They are definitely silly girls, but pretty cool. The hardest friends to make have been in my classes. I met a cool nerdy girl in my computer programming class and another girl at orientation(she's the only one who talks and hangs out with me). And, of course, I've become closer with old friends: Forrest Hill, Michael Clegg, Maddie, and of course my sister Kim. My sister takes me shopping and goes to activities with me which is really cool. I basically wouldn't still be at college if it weren't for her. Wow. What a week... I've had to step out of my comfort zone so many times in order to meet new people. I'm still the shyest kid on the planet, but this experience has helped me out a whole lot.
Class wise, I'm doing great. I love my classes. And I even did my Math homework. It's a miracle. This year shouldn't be too hard. The class I'm most excited for is my computer programming class. I've always wanted to learn how to code and stuff as most of you know, so this should help accomplish my dreams. Soon I'll be able to get a job on the geek squad or become some computer help line guy. It should be fun.
If anybody wants to send me food or money, I'd gladly accept it. I'm basically poor right now. I'll blog about everything else later. You could also just call me... you know when I'm available.



Tish Tish said...

oh michael.. still bumming off others for money.. oh nostalgia. anyway.. sounds like you are having a loverly fantastic time.. and i am glad to hear the classes are easy :) comforting :) peace

Randalynn said...

Thats really nice that you're sister is helping alot. Im pretty sure after living with my sister for almost my entire life, i would much rather be away from her for the rest of it. Haha. Its good you're having fun. Miss & love ya.

berto said...

bah! nice nerdy girl? lucky! haha. I'm just anxious to be done with my generals and get going with my nerdy classes. Hopefully I'll meet a cute nerdy girl. *sigh*


P.S. I will definitely come hang sometime. Sorry I didn't tell you I was there, it was really sudden and I probably wouldn't have been able to hang out.

natalie said...

well since everybody else left comments i decided i would too...
hey michael.
nice blog.
hopefully i get to see you someday.
love and miss you too much.

Kim said...

I'm glad to discover that you are actually having an enjoyable time. Let's go to the Grind on Friday night after the Institute party and see Off The Cuff. It's like Whose Line, but live. AND we HAVE to see Chris Merritt when he's playing! Love you, bro.