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Where to Start

Where to start

I always have so much on my mind, yet I can't seem to ever know what to write about. 

Here is my list of recent thoughts. Feel free to discuss any of them in comment form. Actually, after reading this, I insist you comment!

- High school was a joke
- The Future is frightening
- I have never thought about marriage so much in my life. It's all around me
- I never thought I could be friends with people who are years older than me
- I'm immature because I choose to be, not because it's how I am ( if that makes sense)
- I love friends
- Being alone is over-rated
- I love finding people wo share the same weird and obscure interests as I do. Favorite thing in the world
- Finals are going to suck
- I dislike incompetent people more than anything
- I'm a wuss
- I have not been on a date yet. Anybody want to help?
- I love, more than anything, being around people who I can conversate with. Love it
- The sky is beautiful
- I cuddled with bigfoot the other night. for real
- I need money
- I have more pictures. I should post them here
- Right now!!

Hanging with Bigfoot

s'mores with Kevin

Kim took this creepy stalker picture of Me and Kami

Mid-air High Five!!

Comment please. Thank you!

Michael William


tyler said...

mike. i love you. thats all

Anonymous said...

I love youre pictures. I wish everyone would post some.

I miss everyone

I miss you. I love you

berto said...

My comments on each of your thoughts:

-High school WAS a joke. Remember how we put similar things as our last words. Well it turns out people are like that in college...

-Ah, the future. It can be frightening or exciting. You choose what it will be.

-Yeah, I had a discussion with someone about how you kind of develop an eye for girls' ring finger when you meet them.

-You can be friends with anyone you want!

-It makes perfect sense. You have an intellect and free will, and therefore can be whatever, however, or whoever you want.

-me too. I miss them. haha.

-Kinda...I'm alone a lot more now than I have been before, but like mentioned before, it's (mostly) cause I choose to be. I've come to not mind it.

-You'd be amazed.

-I'm not excited at all.

-I've been saying that for a while now, totally agree.

-me too.

-Whatever, Mike, you don't need help to get a date. Just walk up to a girl you want to take out and ask her out. Simple.

-A deep conversation with someone can be awesome, especially if you find out you like a lot of the same things or think the same...



-Then get a job!

-I need to take more pictures. Most of mine are pretty outdated.

Mmk. There you go. I hope you had fun reading that. Comment on my blog more ya slacker.


berto said...

P.S. I like how all the Heber kids pretend like I'm gone.

natalie said...

oh michael.
it all looks so magical.