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Dear Berto

Berto just posted a blog about how he thinks everyone is too lazy to blog (basically). And he wrote a substantial post in 6 minutes. So I am going to take 6 minutes and show him that I cannot write a good blog in that short of time. Crap I got distracted and only have 3 minutes left!

Life update:
- Im home from school
-I have no jorb
-One of my best friends in the world moved to Alaska
-I saw mae a few weeks ago, that was pretty epic
-one minute left

I love you all and hope we can all blog more!


p.s. I promise a longer and more in-depth post soon.


tyler said...

jorb. haha

Tish Tish said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
berto said...

Get a jorb, beh.

If you wouldn't have gotten distracted, it would've been at least slightly longer...



Anonymous said...

Why not instead of deeper better blogs... we actually hang out with each other and tell our stories... hmmm