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change in progress

So my blogs theme is really ugly. That's because I'm teaching myself how to make my own templates and stuff. I really suck at coding, but i'm making myself learn. hopefully once I get it down I'll be able to customize anybody elses theme if they would like.



Britta Marie said...

Oh Michael.
I love you. And I'm glad I get to slave with you every week. :)

natalie said...

i miss you!
cool huh?
design a blog theme for me...
if you want??

Morgan said...

you made your own template?! that's so cool!

berto said...

HTML = a pain. But well worth it once you learn. It'll be sweet when you're pro at it!


HeeHee Kim said...

So.. I have a 9 hour shift at work right? And all I do is sit at the computer and sell a couple bras right? So today I spent about 6 of those 9 hours figuring out coding so I could put a cool background on my blog. Check it.