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Places to see part II

Santorini, Greece

Wow... I've always wanted to see the Mediterranean sea and Greece. I love the white buildings. They look so clean and magnificent. And the blue roofs definitely add to awesomeness of this place. I wonder what's inside? Are they houses? Or are they some kind of religious buildings? I'm sure they have some kind of significance if they are featured in this picture. Personally, I think It probably house some beautiful Greek Goddesses. What do you think? Does anyone know anything about this place?



Morgan said...

look who's mister blogface now :)

Tish Tish said...

yes yes :) i love the part in sisterhood of the traveling pants in which is in greece

natalie said...

all i know is that i want to go there...
ha ha wanna come?

HeeHee Kim said...

Michael: You need to see these movies:
1. The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (previously mentioned)
2. Mamma Mia!

They both have great Greek settings with pretty houses and beaches. Especially Mamma Mia. Ask Stephen...

HeeHee Kim said...

PS. Cool place you need to visit: Twin Falls, Idaho. (seriously.) The Snake River canyon is so breathtaking, it's like looking down into a hidden garden of Eden. And Shoshone falls is so gorgeous; waterfalls, and green moss surrounding the whole huge area.