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White Wedding

This last Friday I had the opportunity to help out at a wedding for somebody I didn't even know. It was Natalies moms best-friends daughter. Natalie, her mom, and I offered to help set up before the wedding. One of the first things we were in charge of was setting up all of the drinks and keeping them cold. First of all, I had never seen so much alcohol in one spot in my life(besides the store). Second of all, I had no idea getting totally drunk at a wedding was "the thing to do". I later figured out why everyone did it. When you are at a dance or party and there is loud music pumping, you don't want to let any part of your white show so you don't dance. But if everyone has a beer or two, then everyone suddenly stops caring about how white they are and they become "good" at dancing. So this is why there was so much alcohol there, so that later that night everyone could dance without a care. I was fortunate enough to see only about forty five minutes of dancing. It was a very entertaining forty five minutes though... haha. I think the bride was definitely one of the most drunk ones there. Follwed closely behind by her brides maids. Good times... Lesson of this story: Take dance lessons so you don't have to rely on booze to help you dance. Harness the whiteness

I really need to start blogging about my life and where it is going, but lately I haven't really wanted to talk about it all. I'm kind of just waiting for it to come first. Once it does, I'll tell you all about it.



natalie said...

ha ha sorry that wedding was such an experience.
"strangest group of people i have ever met"
but thanks for coming and having a first dance with me... :D
memorable experience. for sure...

berto said...

haha, welcome to normal gatherings outside Mormonism? seriously though.


Anonymous said...

Yeah. Berto is right. Haha. Mormons are just about the only ones that drink... kool-aid at weddings? haha

And my family can dance very well...... when really drunk. haha

Morgan said...

haha, harness the whiteness! there were drunk people dancing at the U tonight... i would never want to get drunk, especially not at my wedding