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Places to see part III


This is the University I am going to. I'm sure most of you have been there and have explored it a little, but here are some pictures anyways.


Its a pretty big library with multiple computer labs.

Archeology class

haha I just had to put this in here... I think I see Jeff Peterson.

The Centrum

The Centrum features these cool statues of Philosophers and artists. Its main purpose is for basketball games, but It hosts other events too.

PE Building

Probably one of my favorite places. It has a huge pool, Weight room, racketball courts, a track, plus so much more. Plus it looks amazing.

So basically, once you make it past the rocks and cacti, you'll find a pretty marvelous town and campus. The Buildings and scenery are amazing. If anybody comes down or wants to come down please let me know.



Randalynn said...

I LOVE the pool. Definatly my 2nd fav.

You should come watch our meet when we come down. :) i would love that.

Kim said...

YAY! I am excited that you are excited to go down! Less than a week! Don't forget about the underground tunnels.. I'll have to sneak you in sometime. AND you'll love The Grind. Best coffee shop ever. OH! AND Groovacious! Awesome record store. It'll be great.

natalie said...

awe. looks pretty astonishing.
can't wait to come visit?
if you will let me?
i love you.

berto said...

Yeah, I'm crashing at your place at least once this semester. for sure.


Morgan said...

aw, looks like fun. miss you!!